Franklin Town Church of GOD


Church Community Team

Board of Evangelism, Missions and Visiting

Responsible for visiting the shut-in, needy, and sick and coordinating outreach and evangelism activities.

Social Concern and Hospitality

Responsible for assisting the needy in the church and community; responsible for providing and/or preparing refreshments.

Board of Christian Education

Responsible for planning and executing activities to impart knowledge beneficial to the physical and spiritual man.


Ensure the church building, furniture, basic school, and the church grounds are well-kept, secure, clean, comfortable, and suitable for all.

Sunday School

Responsible for teaching the Word of God to all members of the church.

Technical and Creative Arts

Responsible for the PA system, multi-media, and streaming services; Utilizes the arts as an expression of worship and to evangelize.

Usher and Ordinance

Ensures members and visitors are welcomed, and are seated for services and responsible for the ordinances, which are holy communion, foot washing, and baptism.

Fundraising Committee

Plans and executes fundraising activities.